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Disc Bands

Disc Bands Alternate Possession Wristband

Disc Bands Alternate Possession Wristband

Discbands Alternate Possession Wristband for Basketball & Lacrosse Officials - Used To Accurately Track Alternating Possession Throughout All Amateur Basketball And Lacrosse Levels. Wear It On Your Wrist For No-Delay Reference - White For Home, Black For Visitors. Flip The Disc With Each Possession Change. Features Include: Black Silicone Elastic Wristband That Is Now Softer And More Durable Than Ever. White & Black Discs (Each Side Also Has A Different Surface And Can Also Be Determined By Feel) Clip With Sizing Connectors For One-Size-Fits-All FitS (Up To 8.5" Wrist Circumference).


Each Time There Is An Alternating Possession Situation, Flip The Black And White Disc By Rotating It Upon Legal Throw-In. When The Disc Has The White Side Up, It Represents The Home Team. When The Black Side Is Up, It Represents The Visiting Team Or Team With The Darker Jerseys.

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