About Us

Located in the Middletown area, Monmouth County, New Jersey, Smitteez Sportswear has been working with businesses, groups, organizations, schools and sports teams, for more than 25 years now.


There's always something NEW &TRENDY each season, but here's a list of our customers most popular picks; 

-short & long sleeve t-shirts
-sweatshirts, crew & hoodie pullovers & sweatpants
-fleece & wind jackets
-shorts & yoga pants
-bags & totes
-beanies, scarves & hats, baseball caps

For whoever you are;

-Schools (our School Spirit Fundraiser is agreatway to raise money)-A small or large business (custom apparel is agreatway to advertise!)-A school or private sports group,  sports organization or league (baseball, football, basketball, wrestling, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, golf or bowling) -Bands, orchestras or choruses-Class Advisors, Prom Committees and Send-Off Committees

-Weddings, Batchelorette & Bridal Parties... Let your Bridal Party show off some BLING too with some decorated apparel!

Or are you hosting a party, event or special occasion?  Custom apparel is a great way for everyone to remember ANY special day!

Smitteez is the ♦ PLACE ♦ TO ♦ GO ♦ for your Custom Printing & Embroidery needs.   

A FundRaiser with Smitteez...

For years we have been running a very successful fundraising program.  A fundraiser with Smitteez can be run at any time!  Our "Spirit Wear" Fundraiser is a great way for your school, group or organization raise funds for planned activities or to help fund a future project.  Many school PTO's have seen a drastic decline over the past year or so in their overall fundraising sales, but, since clothing and apparel is something everyone uses and needs, Smitteez has not seen effects of the economy such as this affecting these types of clothing FUNdraisers or SPIRITwear SALES... SO... Why not think about something different this year?  Stop for a moment to think of all our newly adapted and changed ways these past years then think about some way YOU might offer up something new but exciting, FUN and most of all rewarding! to your school, group or organization community! 

"OHH! NO!", "NOT doing another T-Shirt FUNdraiser!"  Oh, we heard ya amd yep, we knew what you were thinking, but this isn't the same as the age old traditional you know what, plus when we show you what we have! The new and exciting things, and yes, eh-hem besides of course T-Shirts over these past few months nevermind just alone the past year, that we are certain could be a big hit at your first FUNdraiser sale with Smitteez!!

So here are a few more quick details on how we help you from start to finish!

-Unless you already have artwort or a logo that is print ready, which you regularly use- Smitteez will work with you to set up your art work / logo, then

-Smitteez will help you choose not only the most popular but the best items to include for sale in your fundraiser- we want your sale to be a HUGE success!!

-Smitteez could help you create an order form tailored specifically to your group and the items you choose to sell, if you wish to take orders that way or if you would rather- we could now set up an online store where you could tell everyone from your neighbor across the street, to Grandparents living in the sunshine state 1,000 miles away to pop online to a secure website where they can order an pay securely online! This might actually give you some free time for some FUN, for once, lets hope, possibly? Because lets face it right, they would have never put the F-U-N in the word FUN-draiser if you were meant to NOT have any FUN at all while running one!  So if you think this might be something you or the group you work with might be interested in, or just to find out more information to have- feel free to contact us with any questions about product, pricing or anything at all!  We would be happy to answer!

email: smitteesez.smitteez@gmail.com